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Modala Beach Resort

Modala Beach Resort

          The Modala Beach Resort located in Panglao Bohol is arguably one of our brightest projects to date. Its location puts it right on the Doljo Beach strip, and with little in the way the property receives direct sunlight from all directions throughout the day.

         This is where the challenge of the project really presented itself. How can we effectively light up a space that already receives so much sunlight? The answer was relatively simple, form a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. When we first saw the Modala resort we immediately noticed just how open their communal spaces were.

          Once we fully understood what the space needed, we immediately dove into creating a seamless transition between our lights and the abundant sunlight. The first step specifically with the communal areas was to find the dark spaces to determine which types of lights to use, and where to position the beam angles so the lights do not stand out too much.

          After we achieved this, we moved on to the rooms. In this aspect we were given a little more creative freedom as the amount of sunlight entering each room depends on each guest as they can draw the curtains whenever they please. As such we made sure to stay on theme with the overall hotel facade, and we employed fundamental lighting principles to the living space.

          This was done by utilising mostly ambient light in the rooms, while we did make use of task lighting specifically in the bathrooms, we understood that Modala is a resort where people come to relax and enjoy themselves as opposed to a resting place on a work trip.

          Overall, looking back on this project we truly feel a sense of pride that we not only accomplished what we set out to achieve but also delivered exactly what the client had asked for. The challenges presented did not hold us back, but in fact spurred us forward to make us that much more versatile within the lighting industry.

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