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About Us

What We Do

Lumitron Technologies Inc. aims to enhance the relationship between people and the environment. The companies method of focus to accomplishing this goal is by working through the most unnoticed yet possibly most essential part of space; light.


Vision & Mission

The company focuses on providing lighting solutions to any human-engaged space, these spaces are categorically identified as interior and exterior spaces where aspects of the environment define how people feel and experience the space. Working closely with industry leaders in lighting design, architecture and interior design, everything is centric around optimizing spaces to function in harmony with the people interacting with space, simply put our vision is to optimize environments in order to make them easily adaptable.


Origin Story

In 2007 Lumitron Technologies started out as part of the design division of a multinational retail concepts company called GTVL Industries Inc. It wasn’t until 2016 that the company was professionalized into its own corporation. Since then the company has grown to handle some of the most reputable global names in the country. And just getting warmed up...