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Lumitron Technologies Inc. aims to enhance the relationship between people and the environment. The companies method of focus to accomplishing this goal is by working through the most unnoticed yet possibly most essential part of space; light.


The company focuses on providing lighting solutions to any human-engaged space, these spaces are categorically identified as interior and exterior spaces where aspects of the environment define how people feel and experience the space. Working closely with industry leaders in lighting design, architecture and interior design, everything is centric around optimizing spaces to function in harmony with the people interacting with space, simply put our vision is the optimize environments to make people more comfortable.

Let the Lighting Set the Mood

Introducing SORAA Dim to Warm.

Lighting that changes it's color temperature as it dims.

A lighting with the ability to change the entire mood of your home

with the tap of a button. All this without losing the beauty that is SORAA.

SHOP Dim to Warm
At Lumitron Technologies inc. We have worked tirelessly to build a partnership with one of the world’s most revered and respected lighting brands, SORAA. A brand that was founded by Dr. Shuji Nakamura, a Physics Nobel Prize Winner, SORAA has just one goal in mind,which is to bring the single most beautiful lighting we’ve ever known, indoors. In this case Dr. Nakamura was referring to the brilliance of sunlight. Especially since it is how human eyes process the world around them, using innovations brought forward by SORAA our eyes are kept from overworking to process color and every space is captured in its true beauty.

Lumitron and SORAA have found synergy in the vision of bringing harmony to space. Through the years our companies worked in tandem to create practical lighting solutions for every application in order to bring our singular vision to light. Only that which can be seen, can be experienced.