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Sila Island Resort

Sila Island Resort

         The Sila Island Resort was a project that not only pushed us to our limits, but also helped us grow in the process. A private island resort nestled in Sila Island in Northern Samar, Sila Island is a space that is truly one with the sun, not to mention their desire to implement modern lighting solutions without losing their traditional aesthetic. 

         With an abundance of outdoor lighting and a layout in which each living space is its own cabana, we knew that this project was not about making the space stand out, but create a more inward glow that creates a sense of warmth, comfort, and serene privacy. 

         In order to remain within the “One with the Sun” theme we utilised a warm temperature lighting color, combined with indirect lighting principles to create the effect of the sunlight seeping in through the walls of the cabana, this is especially present within the bathroom area in which only the ambient lighting is switched on. 

          While we did also employ this design principle in the living spaces as well, we also put a little bit more emphasis on task lighting. This is important because we cannot allow the project’s aesthetic desires to get in the way of the practicality of fundamental lighting design. 

          We applied the same ambient/task mix in the common areas as well, however we did focus a little bit more on the task lighting here in order to enable the staff to carry out their work in the most comfortable way possible. And of course for the guests so they’re in an environment in which they can truly experience all that the Sila Island Resort has to offer. 

          Overall we truly felt proud of how we were able to deliver the desired effect for The Sila Island Resort. Our biggest challenge was to maintain the fundamental lighting design principles without sacrificing elements of the client’s desired aesthetic. 

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