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The Beauty of LED Strip Lights

The Beauty of LED Strip Lights


         The lighting industry is full of options in terms of lightbulbs, profiles, and fixtures. While each one of these things serves a specific purpose, there is still something missing that adds a level of versatility. Enter LED Strip Lights, a fundamental lighting component with a multitude of uses, across all three layers of lighting. 

          Strip lights both literally and figuratively are very flexible. They can be bent into most shapes and can fit into the slimmest of crevices. This gives people designing their space a completely different dimension of creativity. 

          Retailers and restaurants alike use strip lighting to their maximum potential, especially when it comes to their front signage. Once you go inside and start looking around you’ll start to see strip lights used to accentuate display cases, and other similar focal points of the space. And to take it one step further strip lights are often used in profiles or hidden within a cove to create an ambient atmosphere in which the space is lit up without the beam of light being visible. 

          For home lighting strip lights can contour any fixture of the house. Have a spiral staircase and want to illuminate the banisters or railings? Strip lights are your answer, want to illuminate your desk in your home office? Run strip lights around the perimeter of the table and you’re done. A simple solution with the ability to provide elegant results. 

          Lastly strip lights also have the functionality to change colors. Which is great if you’re adding lights to a part of your home that might be painted differently to the rest of the house. Many strip light modules also have wifi or bluetooth connectivity which allows you to change the lights whenever you see fit. 

          Overall, out of all of the types of lighting equipment available to the public strip lights are without a doubt the most versatile. This is not to say that every space or project needs them in order to shine. But if through the lighting design process you get stuck and need a quick yet effective fix, consider using strip lights. 

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