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Vivido Fixtures is a global manufacturer of lights with focus on architectural lighting design. Boasting of complete production lines for interior and exterior architectural lighting, high quality products, competitive prices, innovation, and excellent customer service Vivido Fixtures has become a reputable company in the lighting industry.

Koizumi entered the lighting market in 1957 to realize the Fundamental Principles, "We seek to increase customer satisfaction, pursue innovation in every process, and contribute to afflent society," we have dedicated to the product quality and created our own original products.

Sorra came up with the technology to provide the perfect light by going back to our original source of light-sunlight.
Armed with the idea that sunlight is the best kind of light for the interiors, Soraa developed their Violet-Emission LED light that provides the full spectrum of colors so that every interior is lit vibrantly and accurately.

Creating something utterly new for the professional LED lighting market: the very best light quality, with the highest Color Rendering Index, the best energy efficiency, and a long-lasting colour constancy no other brand can match. We interpreted its design as the perfect combination of form and function, outlining new solutions for architecture and landscape.

Molto Luce's quality standards are high. these highly- developed light are at the top of the range for design and functionality. A light is only good for us if it possesses both functional and visual qualities. We also submit selected products to international design competitions, and have the lights assessed by an independent jury of experts.

Arkoslighting products are meticulously researched, incorporate the cutteng edge of technology,boast outstanding designs and meet the most demanding targets in terms of quality. Lex Eco, Shot, Puck, Swap, Fox and other are we used in projects of lighting with maximum demands.

Syska LED offers a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions for varied applications providing effective
and energy-efficient lighting in any environment from residential and retail, to commercial and industrial applications.
Softglo LED lighting Industry's expertise is on the design and manufacture of LED bulbs. We provide professional ODM/SKD LED solutions as well as branding ang marketing support to all of our clients.
Gluhen is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge power supply solutions for the modern LED lighting technology,
this products are design to match current requirements of existing LED's and offer features that will be the future industry standard.