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Types of Retail Lighting Fixtures

Types of Retail Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to retail outlets, a well lit display is the key to catching the attention of potential buyers, making it important to use the right lighting to showcase the products in the best light. Lighting a retail store involves striking a good balance and creating a space that is not too bright or dim, while also creating contrast to draw the attention of the customer towards the products. The lights should also appeal to both functional and decorative needs of the store, establishing an attractive look. To achieve these objectives, a good mix of multiple types of lighting fixtures are needed in each retail store. Take a look at the various types of retail lighting fixtures to determine the best light fixtures for your retail design.


  1. Recessed Lights:

Recessed lights are lights that are installed within openings in the ceiling, with the light appearing to originate directly from the ceiling. The surface of the light and the light are the only visible elements in this system, creating a highly pleasing and clean aesthetic. Recessed lights are frequently used as ambient lighting in retail outlets, as they do not take the focus away from the products and complement all design styles equally well. They are also the best choice for low ceilings, and are also used for residential lighting in Manila. Recessed general lighting is useful in providing an even lighting throughout the space, guiding the customers through the store, while recessed spotlights can also be used as accent lighting in the store.

 Adjustable Recessed Lighting


  1. Track Lights:

Track lighting is a system where multiple lights are mounted onto a track, and can be moved around as needed within the system. While the track system is mostly used with spotlights, many of the newer versions also come with the option to attach pendant lights. Track lights are highly favored for retail lighting in the Philippines and across the world, as the lights are easily adaptable to suit different needs. They are mostly used for providing light to wall and floor displays and racks, as the lights can be moved around and adjusted in various angles to suit the changing displays of a retail store. The availability of straight and flexible tracks also make it easier to add lighting that complements the layout of the store. Recessed track lighting can be used in stores where the light source needs to be hidden, while suspended tracks can be used in outlets with high ceilings.

 Track lighting with spotlights


  1. Pendants:

Pendants are light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling on chains or rods, and are used as single lamps or in multiples. Pendant lamps are used as designer lighting in Manila, with various styles of lamps available that can add a unique look to any space. In retail stores, they are used above display tables and checkout desks, drawing the attention of the customer to the area. The large variety of pendant lights available with LED suppliers in Philippines make the lamps favored for decorative lighting by high-end and luxury stores to give a look of refinement to their store.


A set of 3 pendant lights


  1. Shelf Lighting:

Lighting within shelves brings in more focus to the products while also allowing customers to see the product and quality better. Recessed or surface mounted puck lights, which are small round lights, are easy to attach to display shelves, as are strip and tape lights. These lights provide a smaller amount of light within each shelf, accentuating the products and creating a balanced look.


Surface-mounted puck lights used for shelf lighting


  1. Suspended Linear Lighting:

Linear suspended lights are horizontal lights that are hung, similar to pendant lights. The lights are preferred for accent and decorative LED lighting in Manila, and are used in retail outlets to highlight display tables and even racks. The simplicity of the suspended linear lighting makes them fit for all types of stores, from big box retail outlets to luxury stores. The lights can also be used for ambient lighting depending on the style of the store, and are popular for architectural lighting in Philippines.

Suspended linear lights used for general lighting






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