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Color temperature

Color temperature

If you’re searching for LED lighting in Manila, you would have come across LED stores and LED lighting suppliers in Philippines mentioning the term ‘color temperature’, and how it can affect the look of your room. But what is color temperature?

Color temperature or Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) refers to the color of a light at various temperatures and is measured in Kelvins (K). The color temperature of a light source can range from red to blue, with lower temperatures having a warm color temperature and higher temperatures having a cool color temperature. Referring to a high temperature as having a cool color temperature may seem unusual, but to understand the basis of this classification, simply think of a metal that is heated to various temperature levels. As the temperature rises, the color of the metal changes from black to red to yellow, white and then blue. And as colors like yellow, orange and red are referred to as warm colors and blue, green and violet as cool colors, a low color temperature is considered warm and vice- versa. It is important to note that color temperature only affects the appearance of the light and not the heat.

Understanding the color temperature of a light source is useful in creating various kinds of interior spaces. Whether you’re looking for residential lighting in Philippines to create a cozy home interior or for commercial LED lighting that improves focus, knowing what range of color temperatures work best in each situation is useful.


Less than 3000K : The colors produced by these lights are in the warm shade range, and look similar to that of an incandescent lamp or candlelight. An LED lamp with a color temperature in the range of 2700K - 3000K is referred to as ‘Soft White’ or ‘Warm White’ and will have a yellowish shade. These lights are good for creating a comforting ambience that promotes relaxation and are used in living rooms, bedrooms, spas and restaurants.

3100K - 4500K : Often known as ‘Natural White’, ‘Neutral White’ or ‘Bright White’, lights in these temperatures provide the right atmosphere for working with good brightness and contrast as well as an improved ability to focus. They are commonly used in kitchens, home offices and dressing rooms and vanities as well as commercial offices and schools.


Above 4600K : Lights of this color temperature take on a bluish tone and are referred to as ‘Cool White’ or ‘Daylight’. These temperatures promote increased energy and alertness, and create the look of a clean white space. These lights are used for outdoor lighting, some types of offices and industries as well as in healthcare.

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