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Vision Express

Vision Express

One of our first retail projects was that of Vision Express, a brand in which their product and mission aligns almost directly with ours. Similar to Vision Express we also strive to make life appear more vivid for everyone. While we were both on the same page, we were presented with a few challenges along the way.


The first challenge was their desire to have a bright and purposefully lit space without being overbearing for their customers. This was especially important to Vision Express as many of their customers are coming in to fix pre-existing eye problems. We were able to achieve this by utilizing indirect lighting for their ambience and accent needs.


Once that was addressed we moved on to the next challenge which was to create a tasteful way of highlighting their products. We wanted to help show them off in a manner that wasn’t too over the top. Strip lights and strategic beam angles enabled us to achieve just that.


Lastly we needed to address the more functional areas of the space, specifically the cashier areas and the refraction room where eye tests are administered. Here we used higher CRI bulbs to create a heightened sense of clarity. This is especially helpful for the customers who are looking to improve their vision.


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