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Track lighting for retail

Track lighting for retail

When it comes to choosing lighting for brick and mortar stores, track lighting stands out from the crowd. What makes them so attractive to retailers and lighting designers? Track lighting comes with a host of benefits that appeals to a wide variety of stores. Here are some of the factors that make them ideal for retail lighting.


1. Track Lighting is versatile

When lighting a store, it is important to have multiple types of lighting that perform different functions. Track lighting can be used as general lighting throughout the store, task lighting that is focused on the shelves and products and cash counters and accent lighting which focuses on anything that needs to be highlighted. Track lights shine best as task and accent lights, and are often used for these functions. The ability of track lighting to do these varied roles makes them a truly versatile solution.


2. It is customisable

As track lights are mostly used as directional lights to light up products, they can be adjusted in multiple angles and moved around the track as needed. This allows retailers to move around products and change the display style at will. It is also easy to add or remove lights from a track more easily, permitting complete customisation. Track lights also occupy less space, which make them well suited to all styles of retail designs.


3. There are varied designs to choose from

The choices are unlimited when it comes to track lighting fixtures. An assortment of colors and designs that include simple black and white to golden and chrome finish track heads ensure that there is a style that fits any design. The choices available make track lights equally well suited to traditional, minimalist, industrial and luxury retail design styles. There is also a wide variety in the materials available, as well as the type of lighting that can be housed within.

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