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How Important is Kitchen Lighting?

How Important is Kitchen Lighting?

           Having a well lit home is something that every homeowner and tenant strives for when it comes to building and designing their home. Now, a well lit space doesn’t necessarily mean everything needs to be bright and vibrant, but it does mean that each space needs to be purposefully illuminated. 

           The kitchen for example is a space in your home that allows for some creativity, depending on the layout. With respect to the task oriented areas; stove, sink, countertop (etc…) it is important to keep these areas properly illuminated, to ensure maximum health and safety. A poorly lit countertop where most knife work takes place can increase the risk of cuts and other potentially severe injuries. 

          Similar principle applies to the stovetop,  clearly being able to see how the food preparation is key. The last thing you want to do is serve under or over cooked food to your family or guests simply because of inadequate lighting. While this does seem like common sense, even the best chefs will recommend superior lighting for the task oriented spaces of the kitchen. 

           Once this has been addressed, now the creativity can kick in. Most kitchens also utilize a secondary dining area separate from the main dining room of the house. And sometimes the kitchen is an open plan in which the main dining area is a part of the space. There are several options in terms of lighting, ambient lighting solutions are a great start. Set the mood for your meal with lighting that creates a cozy and warm feeling. 

          Accent lighting is also an option for the non-task related areas. Particularly over the table of the dining area. A bulbe that utilizes a higher CRI will make the color of the food pop out more, thus creating a visual experience to go along with the culinary experience you’ve created for your family or guests. 

           Some people might consider putting so much effort into illuminating their kitchen to be overkill. However the kitchen is where a family starts their day together over breakfast before they head out for school or work. It is often the first place people walk into when they get home after a long day. With that being said the kitchen is a worthwhile area of the house to go the extra mile in terms of lighting. 

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