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5 Reasons why LEDs are the best choice for hotels

5 Reasons why LEDs are the best choice for hotels

LEDs have taken over the lighting industry, and despite the initial cost, have become the most popular option for commercial and residential use. As the hospitality industry makes a push toward LED usage, here’s a look at the benefits LEDs offer hotels:


1. Lifespan :

One of the biggest advantages of using an LED lamp is its lifespan. The average lifespan of an LED light is 25,000 hours, which is over 12 times longer than a halogen lamp, and more than double that of a CFL. This is highly beneficial to the hospitality industry as the lamps need to be kept on longer in hotels. Using LEDs ensure that the lights need to be replaced less often. Due to its lifespan, the initial cost of an LED averages out to be lower in the long run while also reducing the maintenance efforts and costs.

2. Energy Saving :

The technology used by an LED light allows it to use up 95% of the energy as light and waste only around 5% as heat. This makes them highly energy efficient and also less prone to heat up compared to other lighting options. For example, to produce 1600 lumens( the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb), a CFL uses 26 watts, and a halogen light uses around 80 watts. To produce the same amount of light, an LED uses around 15 -17 watts. Using an LED lamp can therefore significantly reduce energy costs, especially for hotels where lighting accounts for the majority of the electricity usage. LEDs can also be used with low voltage, making them highly relevant in countries like the Philippines.

3. Safety :

LEDs lamps generate very less heat when turned on, making them cool to the touch. This not only makes maintenance easier, but also reduces safety risks. Halogen and CFL lamps produce a lot more heat in comparison to an LED. As an LED does not overheat, the potential of a fire risk is lowest with LED lighting.

4. Options / Controls.

LED lighting comes with a wide range of designs, especially for commercial use. There are LED lighting and fixtures to suit every interior style and which can be used in all kinds of spaces. Products like Soraa Arc provide great color rendering with the ability to control the beam and intensity, while Soraa Vivid Warm Dim lamps change color temperatures and provide dimming capabilities. In hospitality, where rooms and restaurants require multifunctional lights, the versatility of LEDs make them the best option.

5. Environment Friendly.

LEDs use less energy, reducing the environmental impact of large spaces in hospitality. Unlike CFLs, LEDs also do not have mercury present in them and create miniscule amounts of UV emissions.

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