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3 Misconceptions About Lighting your Home

3 Misconceptions About Lighting your Home

          Like many things, lighting can be one of the aspects of a home that gets overlooked during the building or redesign process. While it is important to pay attention to other architectural parts of the home, skipping the lighting could have some long term effects which could easily be avoided. 

1. Incorrect Brightness Level 

          One of the biggest misconceptions is taking the “brighter is better” approach. Not every space in your home requires the same lumen output. While it may be easier to manage in terms of having the same bulbs all around the home, it can serve as a detriment when it comes to accentuating other parts of your home that you’ve worked so hard on. 

          There is even a long term impact on eye health as well, as long exposure to harsh or inadequate brightness can be harmful to one’s eyes. By adjusting brightness level in relation to the room’s function, you’re not only optimizing the aesthetics of the space but also limiting any negative impact on the eyes. 

2. Layering isn’t Important 

           As mentioned before, bulbs and equipment management can be alot easier if you choose to use the same bulbs and fixtures all around. However by doing so you sacrifice the advantages that come from layering your lighting. Effective layering enables your lights to bring out everything that your home has to offer, not only during your day to day home life, but also when it comes to entertaining guests. Imagine by simply flipping a few switches you can transform your home into an events venue where you can create some of your fondest memories for both your family and friends. 

          By effectively layering your lighting you’re maximizing every space of your home. From creating a luxuriously comfortable ambience, to accentuating specific installations, and having purposefully illuminated task oriented spaces. All three of these lighting layers play a key role in magnifying the brilliance of your home. 

3. High Electric Bills 

          A common misconception amongst home-lighting consumers is that by adding more lights, or even more intricately designed lights, that their electricity consumption and bills will shoot through the roof. 

          But by going through a professional lighting company, you’ll have all the guidance you need to understand what kind of lights you’d need, where to place them, how to angle them, and most importantly help you find that perfect balance between vanity and practicality.

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