How old is Lumitron?


Lumitron is going on 5 years in the lighting industry, however the company is comprized of lighting gurus who have been mastering the art of light for over 15 years.

What kind of projects does Lumitron handle?


Lumitron is very dynamic in terms of the lighting projects the company takes on, these can range from residential homes to offices and warehouses, all the way into large scale development projects.    The company doesn’t commonly work on entry level projects however because these take very little consideration for the quality of the products being installed and focus primarily on the cost of the items.

I want to make my lighting look better, a lot better, what do i need to do?

Simply give us a call and let us know the scope of your project.  Lumitron has worked on many retro fit projects in the past and depending on your appetite for change the team will carefully consider all aspects of the space and your objectives in order to come up with a package to meet your needs.

I have a new project and I want Lumitron to quote me for it, what does the company need?


The first thing to consider is - are you working with a designer that has an existing design or would you like Lumitron to provide lighting design recommendations for your project.  If the you already know what you are looking for, simply send us the requirements and we can go through it and provide you with a design. If you would like us to provide a design for you then simply send over an RCP (reflected ceiling plan) along with all of the requirements and we will prepare a solution for you 

How long does Lumitron Typically take to delivery a lighting order?


Lumitron general keeps stock of most of the best sellers and chances are these are products which majority our clientele are also looking for - for these items it will generally take 1-2 days for delivery depending on the location of the client.  In the instance that the item is not in stock or their isn’t an adequate quantity to meet the demands of the project, deliver can range from 4-7 weeks.