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Jollibee Sta. Monica, Quezon City

Jollibee Sta. Monica, Quezon City

     Jollibee has been a cornerstone of Filipino retail and dining culture for decades. A place that exudes warmth, happiness, and joy, we wanted to help convey these feelings through our lights using a modern yet functional aesthetic.      

      When we started on the outside our primary goal was to establish Jollibee as a focal point of the main road it’s situated on. Jollibee is known to have their own template of how all their facades look like, as such we took it upon ourselves to focus less on the design and more on the fundamental lighting principles. By creating a strong glow of light flowing outwards we’re able to let passersby and residents alike know that there’s a new jollibee in town waiting to serve them.

      Upon entering the restaurant customers will be greeted with a glow of light soft on their eyes, with strategically placed beams meant to draw their attention to the menu board displayed above the counters. In conjunction with that we utilized a number of recessed strip lights to create a purposeful yet ambient atmosphere for the customers. 

      Moving towards the main dining areas we made use of track lights with the beam angle set directly over the tables. This is to provide ample lighting for the customers to enjoy themselves, but also utilizes high CRI bulbs which makes the colors of the food more vivid, thus making the food look that much more delectable. 

       Overall this jollibee was a very straightforward project for use, not without its challenges of course. However we were successfully able to illuminate this space all whilst conveying the core values and design principles that consumers know and love about Jollibee. 

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